Some Free Advice

Your home’s been on the market for a while now, and you’re not getting any offers. Your real estate agent has suggested professional staging, but that’s just not in the budget. What’s a desperate home seller to do?

Consider a staging consultation. EM reDesign will provide room-by-room assessments for homeowners, offering tips about paint colors, furniture placement, improving traffic patterns and more. Most consultations last about an hour and a half and won’t break the bank at $200.

Here are few free tips to help you ready your house for sale.


You are going to move anyway so why not get started now. Pack extra clothes, books, toys, pots and pans, everything you don’t absolutely need during the next two or three months. Potential buyers will be opening closets and drawers; if it looks like there’s not room for your things, guess what? Buyers are gonna think that storage will be a problem for them too.

Go through the house room by room and ask yourself what you can live without.  Remove an extra piece of furniture from each room of your home and you'll be amazed at how much roomier your home will look . 

No. 2: I've got a BRIGHT Idea. Open the Curtains.

Home buyers love light, bright rooms. It's amazing how many homeowners forget to keep their window coverings open. Clean your windows inside and out, wipe down window sills and open the curtains.  If you've got a bad views hang sheer panels, they let in the light and keep the bad views to a minimum.

No. 3: Get clean and keep it clean.  

Let's face it, with our busy schedules it's hard to keep a clean and tidy house.  Unfortunately home buyers are unforgiving when it comes to cleanliness. It is so, very, very important to keep your home spotless while it's on the market. . Knock down cobwebs, wipe counter tops, scrub grout, mop floors, wash light fixtures and repeat.

If cleaning bathtubs and wiping down baseboards is simply not your area of expertise, consider hiring a weekly cleaning service. Yes, it’s an investment, but if it shortens your selling time, it’s money well spent.

Don't forget to clean outside too. Use a power washer to clean grimy sidewalks, driveways, stairs and decks. Remember: You want everything to look fresh and CLEAN.

No. 4: Curb Appeal

Want buyers to fall in love with your house the moment they see it? Put your best foot forwards. Your lawn must be mowed and edged, bushes must be trimmed, and flower beds must be weeded and topped with fresh mulch or bark. Add colorful flowers near the front door, either in flowerbeds or pots.

No. 5: Online Appeal

Once you’ve decluttered, cleaned and planted flowers, take new photos of your home.

Now days, home buyers shop online before actually visiting home. Often times, homes with poor photos don't make the cut. It’s vitally important to have good photos that showcase your decluttered, squeaky clean, curb-appeal-laden abode will appeal to a broader range of home buyers.