Seven Basics of Home Staging

Common in Albuquerque, a garage converted into living space. 

Common in Albuquerque, a garage converted into living space. 

Looks much better staged as living space.

Looks much better staged as living space.

1. Make a great first impression

Now days people will see your home before they actually visit your home. Houses that are staged look better in pictures and make a great first impression, online.

2. Maximize space and eliminate clutter

Most of us have too much stuff. Unfortunately, when selling your home, too much stuff can be a problem. It makes your home look smaller and chaotic. A big part of staging and occupied home is helping the homeowner overcome the clutter.

3. Use light for an open, spacious feeling. 

Stagers add light fixtures and replace or remove window coverings in order to let the light in.  It makes spaces look bigger and more welcoming. 

4. De-emphasize flaws

Stagers know how to deal with an oddly shaped room or that unattractive view. It's about having clients focus on, oh look squirrel.

5. Make the home appealing to buyers with varied tastes

It's always difficult to tell homeowners to remove things that they like in their homes. Maybe it's got sentimental value or you just are a fan of a specific style but if it's too specific, it's best to remove it.  Yes it's your home, but if you emotionally separate early on it will be better.

6. Create warmth

By placing furniture in certain ways or adding specific decor pieces we make your home feel warm and welcoming.

7. Update

I staged a home in Boulder last year. The homeowners had added stainless appliances to the kitchen but the cabinets where the original. Some stain, elbow grease and new pulls gave the kitchen a whole new look. Sometimes it's just a little change that makes a huge impact.