Episode 4: Preparing your Home for Sale, Revitalizing

This episodes of the ABQ Home Staging Podcast we talk about revitalizing your home. I'll give you tips of how to economically add some sparkle to hour home. Have a listen:

The last step in preparing your home for sale is to revitalize it.  You’ve got one shot at making a great first impression. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, it speaks volumes about what is inside. Make sure the landscaping is well manicured. Your front door should be clean or  freshly painted.  Add a new welcome mat and a trio of seasonal potted plants on the landing, it will dramatically improve your home’s entry and make visitors feel welcome.

The most important tip I can give you is to have the house professionally cleaned.. It makes the home look and smell great. Carpets should be steamed cleaned, it’s inexpensive  and it makes a huge difference.  Likewise, take a look at your tile. Does the grout look dirty and dingy? If so have it steam cleaned too. Clean your windows inside and out. I recommend that the screens be washed but don’t reinstall them.  stored in the garage, windows without screens look brighter.

By changing the light fixtures in your home, not only do you update the look but you add to the value of the home.  Light fixtures can be expensive so be careful with your budget, if you shop smartly you can get a great look without spending a lot of money.

Update your kitchen and bathroom with new hardware like cabinets handles and pulls. You might also want to consider replacing basic faucets with something a bit more stylishg. These are great ways to update your space without spending a huge amount of money.

Consider adding a fresh coat of neutral paint. Many people have a hard time selecting color so this may be a great time to hire a color consultant to help select a few accent colors that are neutral but can give that little extra umpf.

Arrange your furniture in a way to create a sensible floor plan that encourages the most natural traffic flow. Make it easy to move from room to room and create a flow that is optimal for "looking" and not "living."  

 When it comes to accessorizing, use items odd numbers; Five chachkies, Three candle sticks, one flower arrangement. Use larger scale items because they create greater interest. Throw pillows are great accessories for staging.  They provide pops of color, texture and luxury on a small budget. Add some houseplants and cut flowers to your décor,  they add color and give the room a homey feel which buyers like.