Staging Doesn't Have to be Expensive.

Professional staging doesn't have to cost a lot of money. The homeowners of this west side Albuquerque home where on a very tight budget.  With just a little imagination, some smart shopping and our thorough understanding of home staging, we transformed this 2300 square foot  home for under $1200.

The dining room above shows the homeowners modest dining set. Not wanting to spend money on renting furniture, a borrowed dining set from the homeowner's parents was a better scale to fill the room. The more formal furniture is enhanced by an updated chandelier that was purchased on sale. We replaced the window coverings with full length panels from another room. These changes make the dining room feel more formal. To complete the space I used the existing flower arrangement and found a painting in another room that fit this space better. 

In the breakfast nook you can see we used the original table from the dining room. We also removed the dated valances and added a nice pendant light. 

In the den we rearranged the furniture to open up the space. We also removed the love seat which was used in another space.  Again we removed the dated valances from the windows, now more light fills the space. We added some decorative accessories making the space looks much more inviting. 

In the bedrooms we did the same by removing excess furniture, updating light fixtures and removing dated window coverings.