Courtesy of: UpNest

Home staging is a marketing tool to prepare a house for sale to attract a large group of homebuyers. A properly staged home, not only gives the property a marketable advantage over the competition, but also potentially sells for a higher sales price and in a shorter amount of time. As the economy improved, competition in the housing market increased and homeowners need to market their homes more aggressively to fetch a higher price. Today’s buyers have high expectations and a growing number of real estate agents and home sellers in Albuquerque are enlisting the services of professional home stagers to prepare their homes to help sell faster and for the highest price possible.
Successful homeowners and agents stage their homes/listings before they hit the market. Staging accentuates a home’s best features and downplays its flaws, this puts the home in the best position to compete with the listing down the street. You have once chance to make a great first impression. Once a listing is stale, the more its price drops and it invites much low offers. 
Studies, including the recent National Realtor Association, 2015 Profile of Home Staging report, support the benefits of home staging. In the infographic above, you’ll see why staging has become an important strategy for agents and sellers when selling a home.  When you consider the cost versus the return benefits, , staging is certainly a smart investment for sellers!