Why You Should Professionally Stage Your Home/Listing

If you are a seller and are ready to list your home or if you are a real estate agent that has just listed a great property, the goal is to sell the house at the best price and in the shortest amount of time.

But what happens if no one’s interested in buying the home? What if you can’t wait months for an offer?  If you’ve seen before and after photos of staged home, then you know the answer. You know that professional home staging can be the solution that will get your home sold quickly and at the right price.

ABQ Home Staging can help turn an average house into someone’s dream-home. This is a great way to distinguish your Albuquerque listing from the competition.

If you have lived in your home for many years, you may have gotten so accustom to your home that you might not realize that something about your house may be an obstacle to selling it. A professional home-staging designer can offer a new perspective. The stager can advise you on what repairs or upgrades should take place on the property to increase the chance of a successful sale.

Maybe you need to freshen up the paint. Maybe the space has not been utilized to its maximum potential. The house might be clean and orderly, but maybe it’s become outdated or it’s not positioned or furnished for the specific demographic looking to buy in the area. Or maybe, your personal belongings don’t support the lifestyle potential buyers have imagined. This is where ABQ Home Staging can help. We can bring in the right furniture pieces, the perfect designer accessories, recommend the ideal color all to position your home in it’s best possible way.

Most homebuyers start their search for a new home on the internet. Zillow, Redfin, Truilla, the MLS, these are the sites that buyers first go to. It is vital that you have excellent photos of your home. By not having great pictures online, potential buyers will skip over your listing and never visit the home in person. Staging your home and combining it with professional photography will result in high-impact images that buyers won’t glance at—they’ll stare. Great pictures of a staged home gets buyers interested, which will get you one step closer to closing the deal.

Vacant homes can be particularly difficult to sell. They’re cold, vast, and ultimately uninviting. Often it’s very difficult for prospective buyers to really see the value because they cannot visualize themselves living in the space. Home staging can turn a cold, vacant space into a warm and inviting home that buyers can emotionally connect with, and this emotional connection is key to selling your home.

Albuquerque real estate agents and sellers who use professional staging designers are at a great advantage over those who don’t. By staging your home, you can showcase its full potential, improve on its assets and minimize its weaknesses, while also optimize the flow of the space.  Homes that sell faster and at a premium price. And in the end, this is what you’re really after.

The cost of professional staging services doesn’t even compare to the value of staging your home. Often it’s much less than the cost of your first price reduction, let alone the additional holding expenses Not investing in professional home staging will only lead to the loss of valuable time and money. Bottom line: Home staging will position your home above the completion and is definitely worth the investment.

Staging Sells! Give ABQ Home Staging a call to get detailed information on how we can help prepare your home for a successful sale. We service the Albuquerque Metro area, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas and the East Mountains.