How to Deal with an Ugly Brick Fireplace when Selling your Home.

Whatever the season, fireplaces add a charming coziness that is attractive to potential buyers. However, if your fireplace is dated and dirty, here are some quick fix ideas to make your fireplace look its best.

The easiest way to update an old brick fireplace is to give it a good cleaning. There are many products out there to help remove the soot and grime from inside and out. Make sure to thoroughly clean the screen, or maybe just replace it with a more contemporary one.

Painting a brick fireplace is a quick easy solution. I recommend whitewashing instead. It’s the same process, just dilute the paint with an equal part of water. If you have a little more time and patience, use a rag or brush to rub a light coat of paint on the bricks, one at a time. This will give them a new tone without covering them completely. If you use a paint color that matches the walls, your fireplace will go from sticking out to standing out.

Brass fireplace screens used to be very popular in homes built in the 80’s. Unfortunately, now they are dated, and most homebuyers prefer more updated finishes. A simple upgrade is to painting the brass screen with High Temperature/Heat paint.  

These are fantastic yet easy solutions to update your fireplace as you prepare your home for a successful sale.