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How Much Does Staging Cost?

The cost of staging depends on a variety of factors, the size of your home, the listing price, the amount of work required, and what you would like us to help you with. We can offer a basic consultation or we can furnish and accessorize a whole vacant home.

A home buyer is investing in their life, a lifestyle earned by hard work, wise financial planning and good business sense. We design your listing to match the expectations of home buyers. We DO NOT stage vignettes or use the least amount of furniture possible 'just to get the job done' or win a bid. Our staged online photos bring in house hunter that become home buyers. Once through the door, our staging keeps them there. We stage so buyers see their dream home.

A staging consultation for an "occupied" property is only $200. We will evaluate your home and give you a written plan with suggestions and to do list in order to prepare your home. We will also include a proposal to do the Staging for you. Staging vacant homes with rental furniture and all accessories, including "soft goods" such as bedding, towels, rugs, pillows, and throws, typically costs a couple thousand dollars to stage the key rooms for 3 months. The cost is still minimal compared to the price of your largest investment.

In Albuquerque, an occupied property will cost between .5%-1% of the listing price, while an unoccupied property will cost between 1-2%. A large majority of our stagings sell within 10 weeks or less and often bring in offers close to asking price. So the investment in staging is likely to pay back the cost several times over. Call today for our complimentary in-home assessment to help determine the best solution and pricing for your home.

What Is The Process? What Should I Expect?

Walk Through

The first step is to tour your home. We examine the property to understand it's strengths and possible drawbacks. As part of your marketing team, we talk about the property with your Realtor to understand your specific target market. Next we have a conversation about budgets in order to provide you with the best proposal to support your goals.


We prepare a design plan based on the goals and budgets set by you and your Realtor. The proposal includes a preliminary inventory of items that will be placed, all pricing, dates and additional agreements. We make recommendations on improvements that should be done from color adjustments to kitchen and bathroom makeovers.

Set up

To schedule a set up date we require payment and a signed agreement. Staging a home is usually done within few days. In case upgrades are required, we oversee the work to make sure it's done as expected.

After You Accept an Offer

To schedule retrievals we need seven days advance notice and usually it will take one day to complete. You may call us on the phone, email us, or send us this notice in writing.

Doesn't A Vacant Room Look Bigger Without Furniture?

No. A small room feels larger once it is properly furnished because your eye has something to relate the space to. Some buyers may think that they are unable to fit their furniture in an empty room as they generally imagine their furniture is larger than it really is.

On the other hand, an oversized room can feel overwhelming and buyers are often concerned about what to do with the space. Staging can make sense of these large spaces and create a more comfortable feeling once furnished.

It is also very important to clearly define the space of a home, whether it is a tiny room intended to be a child’s bedroom or office, or a larger open-concept room meant to be a living and dining area. Buyers typically have a difficult time imagining how an empty room could be utilized or configured with furniture.

Should I List My House First and See What Happens Before I Stage My House?

Today, 90 % of buyers search the internet for homes before contacting an agent, so the photos posted of your home are vitally important: if buyers aren’t impressed by them, they will move on. Don’t take a chance on turning off potential buyers who will quickly form a negative impression of your home if it doesn’t present well right at the beginning.

The first two weeks on the market are the most crucial time for marketing your home, since that’s when agents and buyers will view your home with the most interest. The “buzz” about your home will make or break its reputation early on, so it’s important to stage BEFORE you list your home and before its appeal wanes.

Agents love to bring buyers to homes that show beautifully, and staging may very well help you avoid the price reduction trap.

Why Does Staging Work?

Staging is completed to show the home in its best light. It’s just like detailing a car before you sell it. Staging makes your home look more expensive. It suggests to buyers that you take excellent care of your home. Only 10% of us can envision the potential of home, so the rest won’t be able to see what it could look like if it was cleaned and de-cluttered.

Buyers want to do as little work as possible when buying a home. If they see a home that looks like it needs any type of work, all they see is money, effort, and time spent getting the home the way they want it. By doing the work for buyers, they feel they can just move right in and relax and enjoy their new home. Many buyers assume if you can’t bother making your home look good while selling it, then perhaps you’ve neglected routine maintenance or repairs. This sends up a red flag.

When you show buyers how to use each space, buyers are able to envision themselves just moving right in. They don’t wonder which rooms work best for different purposes. When they have to think about how to use each room, they wonder whether there really are enough rooms in the home. They second guess -- something you don't want.

Finally, it justifies the price you’re asking and doesn’t give them any areas where they can suggest taking money off the price because everything will be in excellent condition.